Have you ever been into a model home and marveled over their perfect floors? Even the rugs are flawless despite receiving a lot of traffic from visitors. They also look brand new even if they’ve been in the house for several months. Indeed, you can’t beat the appearance of a model home oriental carpets.

Yet, in reality anyone can make their rugs look like those found in model homes, with our professional help. It doesn’t matter whether you have a simple area rug or something more complex like a Persian rug or an Oriental carpet. What matters is the type of upkeep you use. If you’re the type that does rug cleaning on your own, chances are you won’t have a rug with a model-home look. This is the case even if you know what you’re doing and if you don’t damage your rugs.

Periodic rug cleaning specially in Los Angeles is very important for maintaining the health of your rug. It is recommended to have your Oriental rugs, Persian carpets, or even area rugs cleaned once a year. If you want your rugs to look more glamorous, you’re going to have to consider our expert rug cleaning services in our Los Angeles facility. With professional rug cleaning, your rugs get cleaned with specialized tools and techniques… things that are not accessible for the average person.

For example, our professional rug cleaners use ample water and soap to clean Oriental carpets and rugs. At LosAngelesRugCleaning.com, we do not use any toxic chemicals to clean your rugs, as they damage the fiber or the wool. Our special rug cleaning techniques deep clean every area of your oriental carpets; and, due to the mechanics of the procedure, we clean Oriental carpets and rugs without harming their structure. When we are finished cleaning your rug, your Oriental carpets or rugs will look just like they did the day you bought them.

Professional rug cleaners in Los Angeles also use a heating room to dry rugs. However, after being in the rug business for over half a century, we prefer to dry your Oriental carpets under the sun, since we get a lot of sun shine in Los Angeles and Southern California and it is natural. This is the best practice to dry your rugs and it is environmental friendly as well and saves lots of energy. This is a safe procedure for all types of rugs whether they are Persian rugs, Oriental carpets or area rugs. Additionally, it removes all of the moisture that might’ve been retained during rug cleaning. As a result you have a rug that not only smells fresh, but is also free from moth, mold and other bacteria.

In conclusion, if you want your rug to look like the ones in most model homes, you need to consider getting our professional rug cleaning Los Angeles services. You don’t have to do it everyday… once or twice a year is enough, unless you have a severe accident in between time. But if you don’t do it at all, your rug will be quite subpar when it comes to its aesthetic quality.

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