Don’t Let the Ban Get You Down

It’s old news now. The United States closed the last Persian rug loophole in 2010, making imports from Iran illegal. Since then, the value of Persian rugs in the U.S has climbed. Your piece is more precious than ever before, and we take good care of it. We offer the best Persian rug cleaning in Beverly Hills.

Our Persian rug cleaning is so good; you’ll think your rug is brand new.Persian Rug Cleaning Beverly Hills

What makes Los Angeles Rug Cleaning the best in Beverly Hills? The answer is simple: history and talent.

1) We’re home to the only Master Rug Cleaner in the LA area, third-generation Persian rug expert Kash Sobhe, as well as his father, renowned Certified Rug Specialist Dr. Kay Sobhe.

2) We have a unique 10-step rug cleaning process, which includes a fully customized wash by hand.

3) Our special rug shampoo is pH balanced and non-toxic, making your freshly cleaned Persian rug safe.

4) We’re genuinely passionate about Persian rugs, as they are a part of our heritage.

5) When cleaning isn’t enough, we have additional services to get your Persian rug in shape, including repair and stain removal.

6) We have delivery and pick up service.

For more information, give us a ring at 310-770-9085.  

It is even more important to take care of your Persian Rug since the ban in the U.S. Let Los Angeles Rug Cleaning/ Rug Ideas clean and restore your precious Persian rug in Beverly Hills today!
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