Why LosAngelesRugCleaning.com?

  • We are the FIRST and the ONLY Certified Master Rug Cleaner in the entire greater Los Angeles.
  • We are a third generation, family-owned rug business operating since 1953.
  • Each rug goes through a 10 step washing process by hand.
  • Dr. Kay (Dr. Khosrow Sobhe), a USC Alumni, is a Certified Rug Specialist.
  • Kash Sobhe (third generation in the business) is a the only Master Rug Cleaner in the greater Los Angeles and a Certified Fiber Care Specialist.
  • We have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Unlike others, we give customized service to each rug.
  • We have been featured on Storage Wars and Judge Judy!

Oriental, Persian, Area Rug, Kilim and Tapestry Cleaning

aboutbgAs third generation rug experts and enthusiasts, we know rugs and this is our secret of how we can do professional and expert Oriental carpet and Persian rug cleaning. We also clean area rugs, kilims, and tapestries. We treat each rug individually and pre-test all your rugs for wear, tear and also bleeding or any other possible damage which may occur to your rugs. We care for Rugs and kilims as these are not mere floor covering. Each piece is pure art, history and love.

How to Properly Vacuum Your Rug, English Version

How to Properly Vacuum Your Rug, Spanish Version

Are you ready to save big, probably thousands of dollars over the years by having cleaner rugs and extending the life of your beautiful Oriental or area rugs, kilims and tapestries? Rug and carpet cleaning cost is not expense. It is investing in your lovely rugs to preserve and save them from being worn out and deteriorating. Preserving and saving your rugs is not only a matter of financial interest. Many of our customers have sentimental attachments to their rugs. They have many good memories from their rugs which might have been used in their families for generations. Besides, if you have decorated your home around your rug, it maybe difficult to find another rug around which you can decorate and layout your furniture and interiors.

There is so much food protein, dust, dirt and grit inside the pile of a rug which act like sand paper and damage the fiber of the rug and make it worn out sooner. We do not do steam cleaning! Your Oriental Rugs, Persian Carpets or area rugs will go through complete washing with water and soap. Steam cleaning only cleans the surface of your rug. It leaves the dirt inside. Dirt damages the fiber of your Persian/Oriental or area rug. It is also a potential danger for your health as it is always in the air and you will breathe it.

By deep cleaning your area rugs and Oriental carpets, we make them look shiny, soft and more durable. We will wash your rug, rinse it and let it dry completely. A clean rug, will last longer. With cleaner carpets and rugs, we can all have healthier environment to live in.

We specialize in cleaning older and antique rugs, kilims, and tapestries. If needed, we hand wash them. We do not only clean them; we care for them.

We have FREE local pickup and delivery in many areas in Los Angeles. Drop offs are also welcome. For further details and FREE estimate please call us: (310) 770-9085.

Rug Ideas/ Los Angeles Rug Cleaning has one of the first and the only Certified Master rug Cleaner in the entire Greater Los angeles area.
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