The Best Cowhide And Cow Skin Rug Cleaners Available

Cowhide and Cowskin rugs have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years as many people have begun to recognize their ability to add a unique, rustic or natural feel to any room in the house. While cowhide is naturally quite durable, the wear and tear of placement in high-traffic areas, such as entryways and halls, can cause the rug to age prematurely. Cowhide rugs most often work well in bedrooms, dens and living rooms.

Rug Cleaners for Routine Care and Emergencies

We are experts in cowhide and cow skin rug cleaning. While cowhide is a naturally tough, stain-resistant material, stains can occur. If not taken care of immediately, materials, such as candle wax and nail polish, can leave permanent stains on your rug. As with leather products of any kind, continued exposure to liquid, even water, can cause the material to warp.

Other rug cleaners dry-clean cowhides, which can leave them torn up and/or permanently yellowed.

We have come up with our own completely unique way to wet wash cowhides and cow skins without any damage or yellowing. Our cleaning process yields amazing results and leaves you with a 100% cleaned and sanitized cowhide.

Cowhide Care You Can Do Yourself

While professional rug cleaners are the best bet for safely removing stains, cowhide rugs are easy to maintain at home as well.

  • When vacuuming, simply set the vacuum at the same level usually used on hardwood floors so that dirt and dust can be removed easily.
  • Since the rugs are covered in natural hair, using a strong brush will not only help keep particles out of the rug, but keeps the hair itself light and soft.
  • It is also important to rotate your rug from time to time. If foot traffic frequently moves in a common path across the rug, it may be worn down over time in that area. Changing the position of the rug can help prevent this affect.

Over time, cowhide rugs can tend to curl up at the edges, a process known as “cigaring.” This is more common in lower-quality rugs. Cigaring can occur if a rug is placed near a constant heat source, or if continuously exposed to strong sunlight. You should contact professional rug cleaners. We have several remedies in fixing this problem such has installing a new backing, or putting side leathering to help keep your cow hide flat. In many cases, however, this problem is fixing through our unique wet wash process.

Rug Cleaners That Care

We take pride in creating the best customer experience possible. We know there are other rug cleaners you can take your business to, so we make sure we stay the best cowhide and cowskin rug cleaners in the industry.

To give you a hassle-free, convenient experience, we off free pick up and delivery to all local addresses. It is also easy to receive a quote for cleaning or any information on your rugs. Please feel free to call Dr. Kay at (310) 770-9085.

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