Lion and Tigers and Bears—Oh my!

Some people like to let out their inner animal with a exotic skin rug, such as zebra hide or bear skin. Other common exotic animal skin rugs include: nyala, wildebeest, bear and crocodile and giraffe.

Exotic hides are pricey and delicate, but they can get dusty and dirty just like any other rug. Don’t worry. Our expertise also includes proper animal skin rug cleaning.

Benefits of Los Angeles Rug CleaningExotic Animal Skin

  • We don’t dry clean skins, which can cause yellowing and other issues.
  • Unique wet-washing process.
  • Individualized attention so your exotic animal skin rug is treated with care.
  • Free local pick up and delivery.


Is your hide not listed? We can accommodate you. Contact us for more information about our expert exotic animal skin rug cleaning. 

Rug Ideas (parent company of Los Angeles Rug Cleaning) can clean many diverse rugs - even cleaning exotic animal skin rugs!
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