Our completely unique Professional Deep Cleaning is the highest quality rug cleaning process you will find. While there are simple steps you can take at home to keep your rugs free of dust, nothing beats a professional cleaning. At Los Angeles Rug Cleaning, we are fully equipped to care for any type of rug. From Oriental and Persian, cowhide, sheepskin, kilims and more, we are the premiere rug cleaning company for you.




The Los Angeles Rug Cleaning Difference

As part of our commitment to creating a superior customer experience, we offer free local pickup and delivery. Upon arrival, every rug gets put through a full 10-step process. This includes:

  • Taking many before and after pictures of your rug
  • Inspecting it for damage
  • Running it through our dusting machine in order to extract all the dust from both the back and face. This step is often skipped over by other cleaners, but it is essential since wool and silk rugs are extremely good at hiding dust and dirt.
  • The rug is next laid in a pool-like structure where it gets completely wet-washed with a special rug shampoo—never just dry cleaned or surface washed.We do not use harsh chemicals that can bleach or discolor your rug. Our rug shampoo we use has a perfect pH balance and is approved by WoolSafe, a highly respected international third-party organization that tests products for effectiveness, color fastness and toxicity.
  • Your rug will then be completely sanitized and deodorized, and rinsed to remove all cleaning products.
  • After the rinse is complete, all water is extracted and the rug is naturally flat-dried, not hung, which can cause color bleed or stretching.
  • Once all this is complete, we conduct a final inspection to determine if your rug needs any additional work.


Experience You Can Rely On

We have been in the rug business for 60 years and apply every bit of our expertise to each rug we work on. No two rugs are exactly the same, so no two rug cleanings are the same. We tailor our cleaning process to your specific rug so that we always achieve the highest results possible. There is no other rug cleaner that applies this level of care to your rugs, but our love of rugs won’t allow us to do any less. You can be confident in knowing that your rug is in the best hands and will receive the best care you can find. We specialize in cleaning many different types of rugs, including braided rug cleaning, sisal cleaning, jute cleaning, seagrass cleaning, etc.

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We recommend that you schedule rug cleaning for all your rugs every one to two years to keep them in great shape and ensure that they will be preserved for years and even generations to come.

Rug Cleaning at Home

As part of your day-to-day rug cleaning at home, be sure to research exactly what type of rug you have (if you’re not sure). Different types of rugs can call for vastly different cleaning procedures. In fact, the wrong type of cleaning can cause real damage to your rug, so be careful.

Preserving your rugs and keeping up with their maintenance is the best way to ensure that they will be around to be used and loved for generations to come. There is a feeling of satisfaction and attachment that comes with a rug you personally wear-in and care for, which a new rug just doesn’t have. Every imperfection and bit of wear is unique to you and your family and contributes to the individuality of your rug.

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You can drop your rug off with us or we can pick it up for free if you are in our delivery area. Call us at 310-770-9085 to schedule your cleaning today!

Los Angeles Rug Cleaning/ Rug Ideas offers the highest quality rug cleaning process, servicing the Los Angeles area.
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