Professional Rug Cleaning

Are you looking for rug shampoo? Stop for a moment, and take a look at our professional rug cleaning services! At Los Angeles Rug Cleaning, we only use non-toxic rug shampoo in a masterful 10-step washing process by hand.

Rug Shampoo

Why Rug Shampoo Isn’t Enough

Your area/Persian/Oriental rug requires cleaning from top to bottom, leaving no fiber behind. Steaming or superficial shampooing does not do this, sadly. When only the outside is treated, impurities in deep fibers rise to the top, harming the integrity of the rug (as well as affecting the cleanliness of the air around it)!

Three Reasons to Visit Los Angeles Rug Cleaning: 

1) We’ll give your precious rug a full bath using our own non-toxic rug shampoo that is approved by WoolSafe, an international third-party organization that tests for color fastness, effectiveness and toxicity.

2) Your newly cleaned area, Persian or Oriental rug will be completely safe for your loved ones to sit and walk on.

3) We have the first and only Master Rug Cleaner in Los Angeles, so you know that your rug is in the best hands possible.

We don’t just use a WoolSafe-approved rug shampoo. Your rug will be completely sanitized, deodorized and rinsed.

Contact us today for a level of cleanliness that store-bought rug shampoo simply cannot match.  

Part of what makes Los Angeles Rug Cleaning/ Rug Ideas so great is our non-toxic rug shampoo and 10-step washing process. Check us out today!
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