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We are experts in sheepskin cleaning, lambskin cleaning, and all other fur cleaning. We have come up with our own innovative way of completely wet washing sheepskins! Every other place dry cleans sheepskins which can tear them apart and leave them permanently yellow. We are the only place we know of that has come up with a completely unique way to actually wet wash sheepskins without any damage or yellowing. Our cleaning process yields amazing results with the sheepskin looking fluffy and 100% cleaned and sanitized. Our shampoos are certified and Nontoxic which makes it safe for pets, kids, and everyone else.

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Sheepskin Cleaning, Fur Clean, Wet Wash, Not Dry Clean Sheepskin Cleaning, Fur Clean, Wet Wash, Not Dry Clean

Sheepskin Cleaning, Fur Clean, Wet Wash, Not Dry Clean Sheepskin Cleaning, Fur Clean, Wet Wash, Not Dry Clean

About Sheepskins

A Sheepskin rug is a very valuable asset to any home. They are warm and soft and can add a very sophisticated look to any room. Sheepskin carpets have multiple uses around the home; they can cover any type of floor to give a room some pizzazz, cover a chair, or be draped over a bed for style and comfort. These are just a few of the many uses of a woolmark lambskin rug. Lambskin offers warmth and comfort to any owner and is a wonderful addition in any home. Sheepskin rugs are long lasting and last much longer than many man made fibers.

Sheep skin is made with the hides of sheep and lambs. Lambskin floor coverings are unlike leather because they come with the fleece still attached to the hide. Many sheep skin rugs begin their journey in New Zealand. The sheep are raised there, and then once the sheep is skinned, the lamb or sheep skin is often sent to Vietnam or Cambodia to be assembled. Lambskin rugs are also made in the UK and Australia, but New Zealand is known for highest quality tanned lamb skin.

A lamb skin carpet’s shape is very unique because it depends on the shape of the animal. They tend to be an oval shape and are different from rug to rug. The size of a sheep skin carpet depends on how many pelts have been connected together and can be measured in terms of single, double, triple etc. Sheepskin is very easily dyed, as wool takes to do very well. They can be very easily dyed to match any home décor and accentuate any living space.

It is very important to get lamb skin carpets cleaned professionally, as that will prolong its life. When dirt and dust gets caught in the pile of the woolmark sheepskin it can be very difficult to clean it out. It is not suggested to attempt to clean a sheep skin rug yourself. The fiber is very easily damaged and sometimes the floor covering can be ruined from a simple attempt to clean it by hand. A professional cleaning is very important because professionals are experts in the proper cleaning and care of sheepskin rugs. Professional cleaners will be able to clean a lambskin very efficiently. Professional lamb skin rug cleaning will provide the best possible cleaning for your lamb skin rugs and you will not have to worry about them being damaged or losing its quality.

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