Tapestry cleaning is a very different process than rug cleaning. Many times tapestries are centuries old and have not always been treated with the best care or regularly (if ever!) cleaned. When we receive a tapestry we always inspect and treat each piece individually, tailoring our cleaning method to your specific needs.

The process always starts with inspection and taking pictures which will go in your file at our store and can always be used in the future if you wish to have your tapestry appraised or want to sell it to a buyer. We then hand dust the tapestry. Many times the pieces are too delicate to vacuum or are in a frame that cannot be removed without damaging the artwork or canvass. Then we will hand wash, being very careful not to over soak, which can damage the fiber.

We are very experienced in this area, having cleaned and repaired tapestries that are over 400 years old. After researching many different cleaners, a German woman selected us to restore her 17th century French tapestry. It was a large piece and needed a lot of work as it had collected a lot of mildew throughout the years. We used tiny brushes to remove mildew from all the affected areas, then did all the cleaning by hand. By the time she got it back it was fully cleaned, restored, and had a brand new backing installed to help distribute the weight evenly when it was hung back up.

If you have a beloved tapestry and can’t remember the last time you cleaned it, give us a call today to have it professionally cleaned and restored. We pick up and deliver locally for free. To get a quote for cleaning, repair, or any information on your tapestry, call Dr. Kay at (310) 770-9085.

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