Along with cleaning, the most important thing you can do to preserve your rugs is protect them. In the long run, protection will always be cheaper than repair. If you have a brand new, perfectly clean rug, why not bring it in for Fiber / Spill Protection? Even if you think you’ll be careful around your favorite rug, there are always unexpected factors like pets or guests. It will be much more affordable to apply Fiber Protection up front then to have to do stain removal later on when a glass of wine is spilled or a pet has an accident. If your rug is in a room that gets a lot of sun, we also offer UV Protection to prevent sun bleaching and premature fading of your rug’s natural colors.

Moth Guarding is also extremely important if you have a house that is prone to moths or if the rug is covered by a piece of furniture that is difficult to vacuum under. Additionally, if you are planning on storing your rugs for any length of time, it’s not enough to simply throw them in trash bags and forget about them. Moth damage does not happen overnight, but if you leave your rugs unattended, they can slowly do incredible amounts of damage. Our Moth Guard is not a pesticide that kills bugs, but is a non-toxic formula that actually changes the taste of wool and silk, making your rug unpalatable to moths. We can also professionally wrap your rugs in acid free paper with moth balls for extra protection when storing or transporting them.

Rug Pads are extremely important for any rugs that sit on hardwood floors. In addition to making vacuuming easier, they cushion your rug against foot traffic and heavy furniture and even keep it from slipping or bunching up, which can cause completely preventable injuries. Over the years we have tried out more types of rug pads then we can count, and we think we have finally found the best ones money can buy. They come with a 20 year manufacturer guarantee and won’t break down on you or begin to dissolve after just a couple years of use. In addition to cushioning and keeping your rug in place, a good pad will actually allow dust and dirt particles to fall through to the floor and not settle into and damage the rug.

If you have a thick tufted rug that is starting to produce a white powder, it means the glue that holds your tufted rug’s backing in place is beginning to break down and turn to a fine powder. We can install a new backing that will make your tufted rug look and feel like new. If you have a thin rug like a Kilim or Balouch that is experiencing curling ends that just won’t stay flat, we can sew leather strips on the sides that will help your rug lay smoother which not only makes it look nicer, but gives the rug some weight and prevents it from sliding around and causing slipping or tripping.

Whether you’ve just bought a brand new rug, or you have a beloved family heirloom, do not hesitate to have your rug cleaned and protected. Bring in your rug today to take advantage of our many protective services or give us a call at 310-770-9085 to schedule your free pickup!

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