Hand Tufted Rugs Backing

Hand tufted rugs are made with mostly natural wool and are very nice rugs for a much cheaper price than hand knotted rugs. However, the construction of tufted rugs is weak, requiring a backing attached with a latex glue, to hold the rug together. However, as the rug ages, the latex glue dries and a white powder will begin to appear.

If you see white powder coming out of the back of your tufted rug, we can fix it by putting on a brand new full backing. All of our backings are hand (not machine) stitched and therefore can be adjusted to fit the unique construction of your rug.

Other Carpet Backing & Hide Backing

In addition to hand tufted backing, other rugs can definitely have backings put on them. Some rugs which are fragile from being worn or old and cannot take more pressure, whether from being walked on or even from being hung on the wall, can definitely have backings installed on them. The backings we put on the rug are securely put on by hand stitching and/or our special rug glue. We deal with a lot of hides such as Cowhide, Zebra hide, Chita hide or Cheetah hide, etc. that need new backing. Through use of time the back of these hides dries up and cracks, especially if they are not cleaned properly. We do professional wet washing of hides to make sure the back does not get damaged. In cases that the back gets damaged or weakened, we put a new backing for extra support to help the hide last for many more years.

Pocket for Hanging Rugs

Some rugs are so beautiful that you don’t want to put them on the floor. This is very common for Kilims (flat weave rugs), tapestries, needle points, etc. Putting clips on your rug or tapestry puts a lot of pressure on the construction and will permanently damage it. What we can do instead, is hand sew a “pocket” on the back of any rug that you can then hang with a simple rod. This puts very little pressure on the rug itself.

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Hand-tufted rugs and other kinds of carpets are prone to losing their backing. There's no need to worry. Los Angeles Rug Cleaning/ Rug Ideas can fix and restore the backing on your rug!
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