Stain Guard, or Fiber Protect, is a unique product that is designed to strengthen the fiber of your rug. The fiber of rugs is very absorbent,taking in spills, dust, dirt, and even particles in the air. When these particles build up, they act like sandpaper, prematurely wearing out the fiber of the rug. A spill, if not removed right away it presents a high risk of being permanent and can only be removed through stain removal process involving harsh chemicals.

The Spill Protector is one of the very few Fiber Protector products that is approved by WoolSafeR, an international organization that only certifies products after an extensive number of tests to ensure the product’s effectiveness, toxicity, etc. Unlike products like Scotch Guard that turn the fiber yellow (which is completely counterproductive), this product is colorless, odorless, and will not change the appearance or feel of your rug.

The Spill Protector is like vitamin pills for your rug that strengthen it by filling in the core of the fiber. After our Spill Protect is applied, the fiber becomes much more resistant to spills, dust, dirt, foot traffic, and even natural wear.

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our Spill / Fiber Protector that if your rug is Spill Protected by us, you get a 10% discount on that rug’s next cleaning since it makes our job much easier!

Call us today to have your rug Spill Protected to ensure its beauty and longevity.

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Rug Ideas/ Los Angeles Rug Cleaning offers the unique product of spill/fiber protecting for your rugs!
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