Prevent Your Oriental Rugs from Curling

Are you are experiencing curling edges or ends on your favorite rug? Not only can this be an eyesore but it’s also a major tripping hazard. To combat rug curling, we can hand sew high quality leather or vinyl stripping to help flatten them out. Leather strips are often a distinguishing characteristic of Persian rugs, but we have had great success installing them on many different types of carpets.

One of the most common types of rugs we install leather straps on are kilims or flat weave rugs. These are often lightweight and very susceptible to curling and buckling. The addition of leather strips will not only help it sit flat, but will also give it some weight and keep it from slipping around.

The extra heft these strips give to lightweight rugs even makes cleaning and vacuuming easier. Instead of pulling up every time you get to a corner, which often makes vacuuming a two person operation, they will sit much flatter, allowing you to get out much more dust and dirt – helping you maintain and preserve your rug.

If you’ve had it with a curling, buckling rug don’t give up on it! We can help you save it! We pick up and deliver locally for free. To get a quote for cleaning, maintenance, or any information on your rugs, give Dr. Kay a call at (310) 770-9085.
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Rug Ideas and Los Angeles Rug Cleaning can save your curling rug. Come in today for our leather stripping service.
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