Moth Guard, commonly referred to as Moth Repellent or Moth Proofing, is a unique product that is designed to prevent moths from feeding on wool and silk rugs. The great thing about this product is that it is not a pesticide or toxic chemical designed to kill the moth. The goal of this product is to change the taste of wool and silk rugs so that it no longer becomes a source of food for moths.

This product has proven to be very effective throughout the many years that we have put it to use. In our own personal study where we put a moth and a moth guarded wool fiber in a closed environment with ventilation, the moth died shortly and no part of the fiber was consumed.

Along with other preventative measures such as regular professional wool rug cleaning and properly vacuuming your rug (especially where it is covered by a couch or other furniture) Moth Guarding is a very important preventative measure to take in protecting your wool and silk rugs against wool and silk eating moths.

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Moths can do a lot of damage to rugs. Come by Los Angeles Rug Cleaning/ Rug Ideas today for Moth Gaurd to protect your rug!
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