We offer many different types of professional wrapping for your rugs depending on what you are planning to do with them. We can tailor your wrapping job for storage, shipping, or protection.

Far too many times, we have seen rugs that have been stored by someone who thought they could throw them in trash bags, tape them up, and stick them in a basement, garage, or storage locker. While you might think this is doing a good job of protecting your rugs, the inside of a garbage bag is actually an ideal place for moths to host an all you can eat buffet. They thrive in dark, out of the way places that don’t get regularly checked.

We highly recommend a full deep cleaning and professional wrapping for any rugs that you are planning on storing. They should be cleaned to get out any dirt, dust, and moths or moth eggs before they are put away. After giving your rugs a full deep cleaning, we will wrap them, first tightly rolling them up with moth balls placed strategically throughout. We will then wrap them in a layer of acid free paper which gets totally sealed with multiple layers of tape along any seams. When you just use plastic wrap, the rugs will get hot and “sweat”, creating a perfect environment for moths to breed. After the acid free paper, we will put them in a plastic sleeve, which protects the rugs and paper until they get to their destination. This can be removed when they make it to their destination to allow the rugs to breathe. Even when you take all the proper precautions, we still highly recommend checking on your stored rugs every few months to make sure there are no invading creatures.

If you have sold or are gifting a rug and plan on shipping it, we will provide you with the most appropriate type of wrapping for its journey. We have seen people get charged twice the amount they should be paying by FedEx or UPS because they don’t specialize in rug shipping. They might not know the proper way to roll a rug to make it as compact as possible. We’ve even seen them stuff a rug in a box, charging for unnecessary materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts. We will help you get your rug to its destination as safely and as cost-effectively as possible.

We also recommend professional protective rug wrapping if you plan on giving your rugs to a moving company to transport. Moving companies may not consider your rug “breakable” and won’t treat it with the care it needs. In fact, we recently received a Pakistani rug for repair that a moving company had left leaning up against their truck’s headlight while they unloaded the rest of the family’s belongings. By the time they were done with the unpacking, the heat of the headlight had burned a hole straight through their beloved rug. Since you never know what could go wrong during transport, professional protective wrapping is a must.

Give us a call today at 310-770-9085 to have your rugs professionally cleaned and wrapped before storing them, shipping them, or moving to a new place. After all, a beautiful, freshly cleaned, well protected rug is a great starting point for a brand new home!

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