As rugs age, repair becomes an important part of their regular maintenance. Whether your rug has been slowly unraveling throughout the years as a result of high foot traffic, or it has been damaged overnight by an angry dog, it’s extremely vital to repair any damaged areas to keep them from getting worse. We have master weavers working on site that do all repairs by hand – never by machine – to preserve the natural and unique look of your rug.

If you notice your rug unraveling from the fringes, you are actually losing the very foundation of the rug. In a handmade rug, the fringes run the entire length of the rug, forming the “skeleton” onto which the design is woven. We can secure those fringes for you, halting the damage where it is before it starts to unravel into the design which will significantly take away from the rug’s value. The sides, or selvedges, of the rug can also get worn down over time. If there are gaps in the selvedge of your rug these can generally be fixed cheaply, but if the damage keeps moving into the interior of the rug, it might then require a reweave to fix.

Reweaving is where our master weavers actually recreate the design of your rug, putting to use their years of experience and expertise. Under the direct supervision of Dr. Kay, a master weaver can recreate even the most intricate patterns, making most rugs look like the damage had never occurred in the first place.


We are experts in many types of rug repair, from large Persian and Oriental rugs to delicate tapestries and Kilims. Tapestries and Kilims are usually thin flat pieces that require a deft touch. Many people don’t even want to use pieces like these on the floor and have us install a pocket on the back that can be used with a simple curtain rod to turn your tapestry or Kilim into a decorative, easy to display wall hanging.

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Another type of rug repair we specialize in is repairing moth damage. Moths can wreak havoc on rugs that are in difficult to vacuum locations or that have been stored and not inspected regularly. When our master weavers work at repairing moth damage, not only is it important to match the color and material of a broken in and uniquely faded rug, but he must also match the weave and knot technique of the rug. In many ways, repairing small areas of moth damage is more difficult and exacting work than repairing a rug with a large damaged area.

When deciding whether or not to repair a rug, keep in mind that each piece is a unique work of art. If you own a beautiful handmade rug, you can be sure that there is no other piece in the world quite like it and there never will be. By making an investment in a rug you own, you are ensuring that it will be around for years to come. Rugs are a great item to pass on to the next generation because they are practical. If you have a rug in your house, it is used and enjoyed every single day. Finally, each piece comes with its own story and history that a new rug simply doesn’t have. By maintaining and repairing your rug, you are helping to keep that story alive.

Not only does Los Angeles Rug Cleaning (subsidiary of Rug Ideas) clean rugs but they can restore them too.
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