When it comes to repair and reweaving, it is extremely important to know about the construction of the rug and where it originated from. Since each rug is made differently, identifying the rug is an important first step in using the right weaving technique.

We are the only place with our master weavers working onsite under the supervision of Dr. Kay (Certified Rug Specialist) and Kash (Certified Fiber Care Specialist). Therefore every single reweave job is done in-house and never outsourced, with each rug personally inspected to ensure the correct method is used. We match the proper yarn color to the rug and in some cases we actually completely dye the yarn to best match the color of the rug.

Our master weavers are capable of doing any type of repair and reweave and have completely restored rugs that were previously ruined and unusable. We can fully restore rugs by matching the design and making most rugs look as if the damage never occurred.

We also pick up and deliver locally for free. To get a quote for reweave, repair, cleaning or any information on your rugs call Dr. Kay at (310) 770-9085.

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Your Oriental is unique and beautiful because of the way it's weaved. Don't let just anyone reweave your damaged rug. Bring it by Los Angeles Rug Cleaning/ Rug Ideas today!
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