Tapestry Cleaning, Repair, Color Bleeding and Water Damage Restoration

Tapestry is a decorative wall hanging and a type of textile art woven on looms. It also absorbs sound in big halls and high ceiling rooms. It also uplifts the spirit of the house in which you use it.

Tapestries have been in use since the 3rd century BC. Tapestry making reached its zenith in the early 14th century in Europe . Germany and Switzerland were among the first nations in Europe who produced early tapestries. France then followed the trend and became one of the centers of tapestry production in Europe in its numerous workshops through out the country.

Today’s tapestries are reproduction of the early tapestries which were made by hand on wooden looms. Joseph M. Jacquard born at Lyon , France invented a mechanical programmable loom in 1801 on which these new tapestries could be woven. The machine was called “Jacquard Loom” or “Jacquard Machine”.

We do professional tapestry cleaning, repair and restoration. Tapestries are very delicate and should not be cleaned and washed with and like carpets and rugs. First we test them for bleeding and possible shrinkage and then we hand wash your tapestries and kilims. In the case there stains on a tapestry, we test and find out the nature of the stains before treating them with any kind of solutions. After this process we neutralize and remove the stains.


You can count on us and let us take care of your tapestries. We do not only clean them. We care for them.

A tapestry is unique to a rug. Don't let an ordinary rug repair service handle your tapestry. Let Los Angeles Rug Cleaning/ Rug Ideas handle your tapestry repair today
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